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We are small breeders whose goal is to produce healthy, high-quality little teacup size Yorkie puppies for sale. In order to have puppies for sale most of the time, we have teamed up with a couple of other Yorkie breeders that have the same goals in mind. In fact, we have some of their Yorkie breeders and they have some of our breeders.

Why Choose us?

Our passion over the last 15 years is to raise our Yorkie Puppies in a total home environment and as a result, our adults and puppies consistently demonstrate a delightful, intelligent and happy disposition. Our concern lies in the overall health of our adults and puppies and health is guaranteed. We are constantly reviewing/updating the latest in animal health care and nutrition and implementing these updates to obtain the best possible results.
We do ship US and Canada.

OUR Yorkie Puppies for sale COMES WITH THE FOLLOWING:
– Health Certificate
– Deworming
– Shots- to date
– Registration Papers – Dog Training
– AKC Papers
Elizabeth Yorkie Home is a code of Ethics Yorkie Breeder. Our goal is to breed healthy, well-tempered, good looking, correct in type, and intelligent Yorkshire Yorkie  Puppies.

Yorkshire Terrier – Breed Infomation

Otherwise known as the Yorkie, this beautiful breed with a semi-long coat is incredibly popular and has been since the 19th century when the breed was first developed. With lots of physical and emotional character, the Yorkshire Terrier bonds well with its adopted human family. Although they are affectionate and well-suited to being companion animals, their character can be rambunctious and it is vital we keep them well-socialized, especially during their early stages. Basic training commands and education for the Yorkshire Terrier are also vital. Here are some additional videos which might be of interest:

Adopt Yorkshire Terrier

We strive to produce only the very best representatives of the breed with regard to health, temperament, and appearance. Our adult dogs are all titled in conformation as well as in obedience

100% Health Assurance


AKC Registered Breeder and AKC Approved Puppies

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