About Us

We pride ourselves in providing a new innovative way of matching families with companion pets. Elizabeth Yorkie Home is a concept that departs from commercial breeders who operate large-scaled puppy stores. We know first hand through personal experience with our four-legged friends that there is a deep connection between animals and humans because of the loving interaction that is present in relationship to each other. We disagree with the process of commercial breeders and believe that we must be committed and accountable for ensuring that each family is matched to their ideal healthy puppy.

Our dogs live as part of our family in our home and on our 14-acre property. Elizabeth’s Yokie Home puppies are raised in a home environment where someone is home with them most of the time.

We strive to produce only the very best representatives of the breed with regard to health, temperament, and appearance.  Our adult dogs are all titled in conformation as well as in obedience. 

We believe in doing things the best way and are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, family dogs. We believe that dogs should have room to run and play, and we love interacting with them each day. It is our goal to see all of our puppies go to families that feel the same way, that will give them a wonderful home with companionship and lots of love.

If you’ve never owned a Yorkie before, a reputable breeder can counsel you on what to expect and help you decide if the breed will be a good match with your family and lifestyle. We aren’t in it to make a sale only. We’ll never pressure you into buying a puppy if the breed is not a good fit.

We follow the breed standard, which is the written description of the ideal physical and temperamental characteristics of Yorkies. A pure breed Yorkshire Terrier is a compact, toy-size terrier of no more than seven pounds whose crowning glory is a floor-length, silky coat of steel blue and rich golden tan. 

Elizabeth Yorkie Home Farm

We are the sole owners of Elizabeth Yorkie Home farm and will continue to be directly involved with the daily day to day operations. We have 15 years of experience caring for puppies and provide invaluable experience, advice, and hands-on care for our little ones.

Our adult dogs are kept in impeccable health. We retain the services of veterinarians who routinely check our dogs and vaccinate them to ensure they are in the best possible health. Our puppies are handled, played with and socialized every day. They are confident and expect nothing but love and kindness. Therefore we are committed to placing them in loving homes where they will be given only the best which they are so deserving of. We believe the puppies born and raised here at the Elizabeth Yorkie family are some of the most beautiful puppies in the world. Feel free to browse our “Available Puppies” pages to see some of the outstanding puppies we have.

We found Teacup Yorkie on a Google search a few months ago, having browsed through plenty of other breeder’s sites, we knew right away that this breeder was the place to purchase our very first Yorkie. The breeder was very knowledgeable and taught my wife and me the true meaning of owning and properly caring for a Yorkie. The knowledge that I doubt most “backyard” type breeders are NOT aware of. Our Micro Teacup Yorkie is 100% healthy and we couldn’t be any happier with our purchase through MoneyGram. Thanks!!!

Anthony, CA

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