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Here at Elizabeth Yorkie Home, the health of our puppies is our #1 priority. Before leaving our care, each puppy is carefully examined from head to tail by a licensed veterinarian to rule out any defects or illnesses. All of our puppies are current on vaccinations and are tested for parasites on a weekly basis. In addition to the health certificate provided at the time of purchase, we also guarantee the health of our puppies for the following time periods after the original purchase date:

In breeding for the improvement of the breed we’re not basing improvement solely on AKC standards. Following AKC standards is a good starting point but AKC standards are primarily for having a standard to show against and if your raising show dogs you have no choice but to breed for improvement based upon AKC standards. What the public wants may be slightly different from the AKC standard. One example is many people prefer Black/Gold coloring vs. AKC standard Blue/Gold. The AKC standard has changed over the course of its history. It was last revised April 12, 1966, and we feel that as the breeders that Breed for improvement based upon the AKC standard and public preference we’ll continue to put pressure on AKC to periodically revise the AKC standard.

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